Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright

I decided a while back that I needed to get my ass in gear and create/build some things I have pinned on Pinterest. I have pinned so many things that I want to try to recreate and I have finally finished some.

The first thing I tried was this sign:

                                                                      Source: susieharrisblog.com via Brooke on Pinterest

When I first saw this sign I knew I had to have it.  Bob Marley is one of my favorite musical artists and "Three Little Birds" is my favorite Marley song (with "No Woman, No Cry" coming in at a close second).  When I am feeling down or feeling like life is throwing me too many curve balls I listen to "Three Little Birds" to remind me that "every little thing is gonna be alright".  

I didn't have a tutorial or anything to look at because Susie makes them to sell.  I figured it wouldn't really be hard at all to make one of my own, plus I would be saving some money while I was at it.  As it turned out I paid $0 for my sign!

I already had the yellow and white paint.  The yellow paint was left over from Pacen's room project a few years ago.  I learned the hard way that you don't need to buy as much paint in light colors, as it tends to go a lot further than the dark colors.  So, I'm stuck with a lot of cheery yellow paint!  :)  The white paint I used was actually Primer, but it got the job done.

I noticed Susie used what, I'm assuming, is a piece of plywood for her sign, and although I do have some scrap plywood lying around, I did not have one in a manageable or proper size.  I rummaged around the house and came up with a piece of old paneling that would work (the back).  It was rather "L" shaped, but I could easily work with it and I figured I could fit it in my car and drive it to the family store in Harrison and use the circular saw to saw off the section that wasn't needed.

I then used Window's Publisher on my computer to find fonts that were similar to what Susie used.  I also made sure to open a blank page in the 24x24 size, which was the size I was making my sign.  The words "every" and "alright" were done in Brush Script MT and the other words were done in Candara.

I painted the board yellow and then decided to trace the words onto the board using that black/blue transfer paper (I can't think of the name of it right now).  Once I got the words transferred I painted "Every" in with white and then I decided I didn't like what I saw.  The transfer paper left a lot of black smudges all over the yellow and I decided I didn't like the font I had originally chose for the small words. 

I re-painted the board and re-printed the words (this time using Candara).  I then traced the words onto freezer paper and used a craft knife to cut out the letters.  I ironed the freezer paper onto the board to keep it in place and then painted all the words white.  I slowly peeled off the freezer paper and used small brushes to make the words less sloppy (some paint oozed under the paper).  

I sawed off the part of the board that wasn't needed and went over everything with some sandpaper to make it look somewhat older.  That's it!  It sounds more difficult than it was, but I'm not the best at describing things in a simple manner. 

I hung the sign on a small wall next to my bookshelf and I have decided I'm going to make more inspiration type signs to hang there too.  It will be my "It's-okay-Brooke.-Things-may-seem-hard-right-now,-but-everything-will-work-out-like-it's-suppose-to" wall.  I'll keep you updated as I add to the wall.  Hopefully it will be sooner, rather than later.  :)

For those of you who have never heard "Three Little Birds", here you go:

Of course the quote for this post is the chorus:

"Singin': "Don't worry 'bout a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right."
Singin': "Don't worry (don't worry) 'bout a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right!"
~ Bob Marley

Don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but today (10-25-11) I'm linking up at Sugar Bee Crafts.  Go check out all the awesome crafts!

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Anonymous said...

Is there any way I can buy one? LOVE it! email me at amywayland@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

wow! Great job thanks for posting- this sign is on my to do list as well.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can buy this? That saying means a ton to me and my home happens to be yellow! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy this? This saying means a lot and my home is yellow. It's perfect!

Brooke said...

If you click on the susieharrisblog.com link under the first picture you should be able to find purchase information. I got the idea from her and just made my own. I believe she sells them.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Thank you Brooke for linking back to my site. This song holds special memories for me and made it easy for me to create this sign. Never did I imagine that it would become such a hit with so many people. Thanks again and I would be happy to paint this for anyone that is interested. Susie~

Anonymous said...

I absolutely fell in love with this art work as soon as I saw it and too decided to do it myself. Your step by step guide has been very helpful and an inspiration but there is one thing I don't understand. How do I make a stencil of the words? Even if I printed one letter at a time, they wouldn't be big enough because my printer can do an A4 maximum. Are you ok to email me at iregerosa@gmail.com, my name is Irene. Thanks!!